I have been a Teaching Assistant for the following classes on at least one or more occasions:

  • EPSS 8: Earthquakes with Prof. Caroline Beghein (2009)
  • EPSS 9: Solar System and Planets with Profs. Jean-Luc Margot (2010) and Dave Jewitt (2011)
  • EPSS 15: Introduction to Oceanography with Prof. Aradhna Tripati (2011)
  • EPSS 495: Teaching Earth and Space Sciences with Profs. Kevin McKeegan (2012), Jean-Luc Margot (2013), Vassilis Angelopoulos (2014/15)

With Prof. Dave Jewitt, I also helped design an upper-division undergraduate class that will become a permanent course in the Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences. The class, EPSS 123: Geosciences Outreach, is designed to give undergraduate students the chance to develop effective science communication skills early in their careers as scientists or science advocates. The class will also satisfy a diversity credit for UCLA, meaning that a portion of the course will be dedicated to addressing inequalities across the sciences. The class will see first light in Fall 2016.


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